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If I was to sum up my photography in 3 words they would be;

passion, fun and friendship.

Since I started paying attention to music I was quickly inspired by the album art and the behind the scenes context about it. I was delighted by the photo shoots and how creative some albums presented their final visual product. That’s when I started to make small footsteps towards photography. I bought my first camera and started taking photos of everyone and everything.  


Professionally I began back in 2007 on a local TV Network where I captured scenes from shows and news events and then I would work the channel’s shows intros and outros among other features.


In 2012 I moved to La Rivera Maya where I merged myself into the corporate lifestyle leaving my photography a side for a while. By late summer of the same year I decided to give another shot to my photography career and it took off since then.


My intention when I take photos is to create good memories and share experiences through showcasing emotions. This creative process is truly food to my soul; my biggest satisfaction comes when my clients express how happy they feel because of my final product in their photographs, whether it was worked on an event, portrait or special project.


As soon as I started to explore the experience of capturing weddings I fell in love. To witness such a powerful and beautiful gathering full of joy, tears, affection, togetherness and uniqueness was very fulfilling to me. To be able to capture that and grant an eternal memory in a rich collection of magical photographs is what I live for.



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